Is Your Child Suffering from Enlarged Tonsils?

If your child’s tonsils are unusually swollen, minus any other sign of illness, it could be a sign of chronically enlarged tonsils, also known as tonsillitis. The problems associated with enlarged tonsils and adenoids (pharyngeal tonsils) can be prevented by timely intervention by an otolaryngologist. The Plymouth Ears Nose & Throat team has over thirty years of experience dealing with pediatric otolaryngology problems, including chronically enlarged tonsils and adenoids. It’s important to know the difference between healthy and swollen tonsils, the complications of chronically enlarged tonsils, and what can be done to ease your child’s suffering.

Steer Clear of Food Allergens this Halloween

Approximately one in every thirteen children is currently living with some type of food allergy. Managing a food allergy can be quite frustrating for a child and his or her caregivers, especially during holidays. With Halloween around the corner, kids have more exposure than normal to foods and candy that can trigger an allergic reaction. Milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts are the most common allergens for kids, and peanuts and tree nuts cause the most severe reactions. Unfortunately, these ingredients are often found in the sweets that are handed out during trick or treating. Follow the below tips for receiving and handing out candy this Halloween.