Top Tips to Arm Yourself Against Spring Allergies

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After such a brutal winter with so much precipitation, this spring promises to bring a challenging allergy season to the South Shore. Regardless, we will tell our patients what we tell them every year: the first step in allergy treatment is avoidance, and avoidance is attainable no matter how tough the environment. With a little planning and practice, there are simple and doable steps anyone can take to minimize their exposure to seasonal allergens.

1.     Be Smart about Time Outside:

·      Pollen counts are highest in the early morning, so try to confine outdoor activities to late morning/afternoon hours

·      Stay inside on dry, windy days; the best weather to venture out in is after a good rain, when pollen has been cleared from the air

·      Hire out lawn mowing and gardening jobs, or delegate them to non-allergic family members; these activities stir up the pollen and will provoke severe symptoms

·      Remove and wash all clothing once you’re indoors, and consider showering to rinse pollen from hair and skin

2.     Track the Pollen Count:

·      Local TV news broadcasts, newspapers, and local websites will have updated information you can check on daily

·      Close windows, doors, and car windows when high pollen counts are forecast

·      If high pollen counts are predicted, take medication before waiting for symptoms to start

·      Avoid air-dry clothing, sheets, and towels on an outdoor clothesline when high South Shore counts are forecast

3.     Maintain Indoor Spaces:

·      Take shoes and boots off at the door to avoid tracking pollen inside

·      Keep windows shut and run the air conditioning in your home and car

·      Use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in your bedroom

·      Use a dehumidifier to keep home air dry and less hospitable to allergens

·      Vacuum with a HEPA filter or double-bagging, and consider wearing a dust mask for extra protection

·      If possible, replace wall-to-wall carpeting with area rugs you can roll up if necessary; replace heavy drapes with wipeable blinds

·      Bathe regularly any pets who go outdoors

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