How You Can Beat Spring Allergies

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At last, winter is behind us and the warm weather is on the way! However, the higher temperatures aren’t entirely cause for celebration. For some people, spring brings the worst allergy season of the whole year. In some cases, these allergies can start as early as late February and last until the end of June. In order to be equipped for the months ahead, here are some best practices to effectively cope with your seasonal allergies.

      Limit the time you spend outdoors. Each year, trees release billions of tiny pollen particles into the air, which can trigger an allergic reaction when breathed into the lungs. On windy days and during the morning hours, it’s best to stay inside if possible to avoid exposure to high pollen counts. If staying inside isn’t possible, make sure to wear sunglasses or other eye protection to help keep pollen out of your eyes.

      Take allergy medications. Antihistamines will block your body’s reaction to an allergy, and can help people of all ages with a runny nose or other classic symptoms. Check the box, though! Many of these medications contain some older ingredients that can cause drowsiness. If over-the-counter fixes aren’t cutting it, your doctor may recommend allergy shot treatments.

      Be proactive. If you have allergies annually, start taking medicine a week or two before symptoms start so you can beat them to the punch. This will ensure that the medicine is in your system and you’re ready to fight when the season begins.

      Control your environment. Simple fixes at home can help minimize symptoms as well. Keep windows closed to eliminate pollen and make sure to take your shoes off when entering the home. When possible, don’t hang dry clothes outside. This will attract pollen to the clothes once you bring them back in.

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