Plymouth Ear, Nose and Throat Offers Earlens to Patients

Elderly man outside, older man listening

Plymouth Ear, Nose and Throat is excited to now be providing Earlens hearing devices to our patients! Earlens is the “world’s first light-driven hearing technology” and produces sounds that are more rich and natural sounding than those produced by conventional hearing aids. As a result, Earlens wearers have an easier time understanding people in noisy environments and are more comfortable in group situations.

How Earlens Works

The Earlens Light Driven Hearing Aid consists of the Hearing Aid Processor and Light Tip and the Lens.

The Earlens Hearing Aid Processor and Light Tip sits behind the ear, similar to traditional hearing devices. It contains rechargeable batteries, offers four customizable program settings for different environments, and automatically adjusts to challenging listening environments. Sound enters the microphone through the behind the ear processor, is communicated to the light tip, and is then converted into non-visible light. This light signals the Lens to activate your natural hearing system. Click here to watch a video explanation.

The custom-built Lens is placed inside the ear by a physician. It rests against the eardrum and stays in place, like a contact does, with surface tension. The Lens can only be inserted and removed by a trained ENT physician. Once inserted and fine-tuned, you should only have to visit your physician once a year!

The Earlens is Custom Made

The Earlens Light Tip and Lens are custom made to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Your physician will make impressions of your ear canal and eardrum. These impressions are made in-office and take about eight minutes per ear.

Finally, your custom-made Lens will be inserted by your physician and checked for functionality. Once your Processor has been programed by an Audiologist, you will begin hearing with your Earlens hearing device!

Plymouth Ear, Nose and Throat Audiologists are proud to be offering this cutting-edge technology to our patients. If you are interested in learning more about Earlens, please call us at 508-746-8977 to learn more or click here to begin scheduling your appointment!